Enfant Blue

“High quality material Lovely prints, vibrant colors, and comfort” Enfant Blue takes special care in its materials selection, using only the finest yarn and soft 100% cotton fiber, cleaned and mild color to ensure that babies are always safe from sensitive skin irritation and allergies. To ensure the best comfort for your baby, Enfant applies comfortable fit, hamper–free patterns, together with meticulous designs doing away with stiff side–seams.

Style feature

  • 100% pure cotton USA
  • Non-Azo & Formaldehyde–free, no harmful substances
  • The weaving process by SZ : to make the clothes hold itself up tight and not stretched or loosen its shape when washed.
  • Product Samples

    *Note : The products will be the same style but different in printing.

    Product Code : EB8HL3


    Product Code : EB8HL5


    Product Code : EB4HL1


    Product Code : EB1HL7

    Set of long sleeves shirt with tie side & pants

    Product Code : EB1HL6

    Set of long sleeves shirt with button & pants

    Product Code : EB1HL6

    Set of short sleeves shirt with tie side & burmudas

    Product Code : EB8HL1


    Product Code : EB1HL1

    Set of Short Sleeves shirt and shorts

    Product Code EA9HL0,EA9HL1

    Mittens, Bootees

    Product Code : EA5HL0


    Product Code : EA7HL7


    Product Code : EB6HL0