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How to Process the Blessing Gift
while Being in Pregnancy

1.Pregnancy Nourishmen
When a mother is in pregnancy, she is needed to have nutritious food to nourish
her fetus and also her health for giving birth easily, recovering fast and being
healthy in the long term. After 5 months pregnant, ancient Chinese mother usually
have a pregnancy tonic called Jab-Sa-Tai-Pao, meaning 13 knights, which consists
of 13 Chinese herbs. The mother would have the tonic twice a month before giving
a birth. Jab-Sa-Tai-Pao is believed by Ancient Chinese that it could improve blood
circulation and strength, heal waist and joint pain as well as detoxify. The herbs would help
mother to prepare herself to be ready to bear and take care of her baby after giving birth.
2.Good and Complete Rest
A short rest might cause both mother and fetus' sickness. On the other hand, too much rest
could be harmful to a mother and fetus as well.
3.Avoiding tough and heavy work
A mother should do just a little light work but she is still needed to do it regularly. A light work would be
pleasurable and enjoyable for her. Besides, it could be a gentle exercise which is good for her pregnancy.
4.Being Relaxed and Having No Stress
Avoid the situation which could cause any worry or sorrow; for example, a quarrel, a bad thinking or behavior. A mother in pregnancy should not be in a place which could affect her physical and mental badly; for example, an under construction place or a slaughterhouse.
5.Carefully Teaching Fetus by “Tau-Ka” Ancient Chinese Method. 
“Tau” means womb and “Ka” means teaching in Chinese. According to the avoiding bad behavior concept, both mother and father must think, speak and do only good thing. A mother should chose listen good things, see beautiful things and be in peaceful places. So, she is able to tell good things to her fetus that the parent loves him so much and wises him all the best.

Chinese believes that a child who is taught to be a good man since the mother’s pregnancy would be healthy, smart, obedient and blissful.