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About us

        "Enfant" is the leading name in fine baby clothing and accessory product since 1984, and registered as the premium children’s wear brand in stylish and lovely design for newborn & toddler more than 27 years.

         Enfant, childrenwear line offers quality products created with special care and elaborate production techniques, employing only selected the finest quality materials, free from hazardous substances and environmentally–friendly. The products aim to safeguard your babies by providing them with warm & tender touch of refined childrenwear compatible with their age and enhancing their loveliness further.

         Currently we are running full line of production in other baby categories under “Enfant” brand such as baby feeding equipments, bedding stuffs, toiletries and etc.

         Besides, all "Enfant" baby products have passed strict performance tests and the most stringent quality standards thereby guaranteeing only the best for your dearest one.

Pure & Natural Cotton
Our finest 100% combed cotton is pure and natural with the best quality which provides soft and smooth touch against the baby's delicate texture, with air passage feature keeping the skin safe and dry.

Extra Care
All of our products have Non Azo hangtag indicating the latest color technology against cancer-generating substance which also provides beautiful color and lovely prints on the clothes. As such there has no color fall out when exposed to water.

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